What have I got myself into?!

Day 1 of Annapurna sanctuary – Phedi to Landruk

I quickly realised that not only was I less fit than I’d thought, but I was nowhere near as fit as my trekking companions. It was hot and humid right from the start and there were a LOT of stairs.

We’d set off from Pokhara bright and early to our starting point of Phedi, which literally means ‘foot of the hill’.

The guide book had warned that the first day of the trail was as hard a day as any other to come but it is hard to get your head around that when you’re sweating and puffing your way up. I was wondering what I’d gotten myself into.

We reached our destination of Landruk way behind schedule after a few too many breaks in what was already a pretty slow pace, and found the first few guest houses fully booked. We carried on to Maya Guest House which although very basic was friendly.

The dodgy electricity supply meant we ate our Dhal Bat outside in the dark with our head lamps round our necks while waiting for another large group of trekkers to shower.

By the time we got our turn it was pitch black in the little outdoor bathroom and we had to carefully dodge the large spider that was sitting in the corner watching us…

An interesting first night on the trail, where we also discovered that plywood walls don’t leave a lot to the imagination!



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