What goes down must go back up again

Day 2 of Annapurna sanctuary – Landruk to Chomrong

It had been cloudy when we’d arrived at Landruk the night before, but in the night, when I’d left the warmth of my bed to sneak out for a wee, I discovered a crystal clear sky and an almost full moon shining down on the peak of a snow topped mountain. I literally stood there open mouthed and stared.

The sky was still pretty clear when we got up for breakfast and we were all much more excited about the day’s trekking now that we could see where we were heading.

It was day of uphills and downhills, though we soon realised that downhills were not a good thing at all. What goes down must go back up again…

Our guide book described the last uphill to Chromrong as “relentless” but by the time we were about halfway up I’d thought of a few more appropriate adjectives. Punishing, disabling, grueling – to name a few.

At one point a guide on the way down said we had about an hour to go and I had to turn away as tears formed in my eyes.  Just at that moment though, Josh – who’d gone on ahead to book us some rooms – came into sight. He bounded down the stairs with the news that we didn’t have long to go.

The tears disappeared before they left my eyes so it doesn’t count as crying 😉


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