Downhill is not the easiest route

Days 6 to 8 of Annapurna sanctuary – Doban to Chomrong, Chomrong to Tadapani, Tadapani to Ghorepani

All downhill from here. In more way than one 😦

Things started off ok – the hike down to Bamboo and then on to Sinuwa was lovely, through forests and up the beautiful stone staircase. After an hour’s downhill we very confidently set off back up the valley to Chromrong. Some 2,270 steps later (Josh counted them) I was extremely hot and sweaty but also very pleased with myself for our time of 1hr 3 mins.

The problems came when I realised I’d succumb to one of the tummy bugs that Asia is so famous for. Stomach cramps and nausea are not conducive to fun hiking and I was pretty exhausted after the next day’s trek to Tadapani. Five hours in to our day we started what seemed like an endless climb up to village where I could focus on nothing more interesting than putting one foot in front of the other.

Fortunately Josh, with his handy paramedic skills, came and jabbed me in the shoulder with some anti nausea drug and issued me with some of the antibiotics he and Krista had brought with them from Canada. A couple of hours and a few glucose biscuits later I was a new woman (well almost).

The next day’s walk to Ghorepani was less taxing. There was a lot of uphill but it was generally manageable as we followed the stream up to waterfalls. We stopped briefly at a tea shop in Gurung and then climbed up an impressive ridge where we could see the Annapurna range from yet another angle.

When we got to town we chose the ‘super view’ hotel which had the promise of an indoor shower and western toilet. Luxury indeed. Except that the water was ice cold and the plywood bathroom walls left very little to the imagination…



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