A return to civilisation?

Our first morning back in Pokhara and we met for breakfast at 8.30am, leaving Rob to his Tibetan rice wine induced hangover, and wandered down the main drag in the lake side area.

We found somewhere that not only sold us illy coffee – cappachino no less – but also served brown toast, plum jam and had free wifi. This was our new definition of luxury. It felt positively decadent!

The rest of the morning was spent investigating travel options for getting to Lukla, the starting point for the Everest trek, and we opted to fly back to Kathmandu first rather than endure another 8.5 hour bumpy bus ride.

We chilled out in Pokhara for the rest of the day and I experienced my first tropical rainstorm which came out of nowhere and left us drenched from head to toe as we walked the short distance to the restaurant from our hotel. A hotel, which we later discovered, didn’t have adequate rat repelling doors, to Josh and Krista’s utter dismay at 3am the next morning. Urgh!


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