Learning about the yak dung pancakes

Day 3 of Gokyo/ Everest trek – Namche Bazaar to Khunde and Khunjung

We had an acclimatisation day around Namche Bazaar as we were already so high up, and once you’re above 3,000m you need to take it slow.

We got a great view of the town from above as we walked up to the airstrip and along to the traditional Sherpa villages of Khunde and Khunjung.

All the houses and shops were made of identical materials – from stone quarried locally and with bright green roofs – and as we wandered through Khunde we saw a couple of men chiseling away at big blocks of stone, ready to build a new structure. They were being overseen by a rotund Nepali woman in an apron who called out to us laughing as we went past. I’ve no idea what she said but she seemed very happy to see us, and we smiled and waved back at her.

Everywhere we looked along the way there was flattened out yak dung drying in the sun, which we later learned was for burning in the furnaces. As you get above the tree line there’s not much else left to burn and it gets pretty damn cold!



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