These men are testing my zen!

So after dozens of requests for photographs, dozens more illicit snaps being taken of me on mobile phones and hundreds of good old fashioned gawkers the feminist in me finally snapped.

I’ve tried various tactics to put off these inquisitive and sometimes plain pervy men. Pulling ugly faces is a good one… I’ve tried pointedly staring back, and even asking them politely to stop but it simply doesn’t work. Nor it turns out does shouting at them in the street. But I think I already knew that.

For the sake of my zen I’ve had to remind myself that strange men who make kissing noises at you don’t warrant any attention. And much as i’d like to knee them in the groin, or at least trip them up, I shall instead work on increasing the now quite sizeable gallery of pictures people have of the back of my head.

Deep breath. And relax.


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