Here kitty kitty kitty…

We knew it was a bit of a long shot in the middle of December but we were still hopeful that an early morning safari to Ranthambore National Park would yield a tiger sighting or two. It didn’t, unfortunately, but not for lack of trying on the guide and driver’s part who had us whizzing around the place in our jeep stopping every 20 minutes or so to listen for warning sounds. The British woman sat next to me – on her third tigerless safari of two days -was convinced they were making it up. I’m not sure she even believed the tigers existed.

Despite the tiger no-show we did manage to spot a sunbathing crocodile and baby in the lake, as well as some eagles, peacocks and a LOT of deer.

The guide was particularly keen to point out all the samba deer, which he told us were a tiger’s favourite food- mainly because they’re slow and they can’t see very well!


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