The art of Bikram

During my brief employment hiatus last summer I took up Bikram yoga, partly to get me out of the house, but also in the hope that it would get me fit enough for trekking in Nepal.

I went a few times – which obviously didn’t sufficiently prepare me for climbing 5,000metre mountains. But it turns out that it was good for one thing: I developed some tolerance to excessive sweating.

Before Bikram I didn’t know it was possible for the fronts of my legs to sweat, or that my hands could perspire so much I wouldn’t be able to grasp them together.

I learnt that it’s pointless to wipe the dripping beads of moisture off your forehead and neck as they will just be replaced with new ones and you’ll have wasted precious energy in the process.

Practicing yoga in a sweltering 40degrees is, in fact, the perfect preparation for south India.

It is HOT, HOT, HOT!

Fortunately the other significant skill I learnt – of averting my eyes from B-list ‘celebrity muff’ while in a cramped communal shower – has not yet been required… 🙂


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