It seems I have become an Indian tourist!

Finally, I can understand what it is to be an Indian tourist.

We’d decided to venture down to Kanniyakumari – the southernmost point of India – and were looking forward to watching the sun set over three oceans at once.

It wasn’t nearly as romantic as it sounds! The ocean was grey and choppy, there was rubbish everywhere and I had heat rash, though granted – this wasn’t Kanniyakumari’s fault.

We did a quick walk around town and queued up to get the ferry over to the island. We were the last onboard, got the last scraggy old life jackets, and stood up holding on for dear life until we docked on the other side, minding the gap as we jumped off.

We must have spent about 30 minutes on the island, moving from exhibit to scupture, to point of historical interest, before we turned to each other to say ‘ok shall we go?’.

In the end we missed the sunset. We’d gone back to the hotel for a nap and got our timings all wrong. We skipped dinner and went back to bed where we watched a couple of documentaries about swordfishermen and tsunamis.

I think it’s time to go home!


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