Not not blogging, just not blogging here

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here. This site was always my way of sharing thoughts and ideas when I was in previous jobs. For the past six months or so though, since putting down some roots at the Department of Health, I’ve been posting regular pieces about digital goings-on on the DH digital health site.

I also regularly compose more personal posts either in my head or on screen and then don’t publish them. I must have written several dissertations worth! I’m a great admirer of people who manage to crystalise their thoughts and feelings as they happen – I’m much more of an internal ponderer.

Last year, when my family was dealing with my dad’s deterioration from Motor Neurone Disease, I had a lot to say that never made it into the public domain. My brother David on on the other hand found writing a running blog helped him (it helped me too as I got to laugh at him at every installment!). It made sense – in writing about his marathon training regime, David was sharing his own physical and mental challenges, and was raising both awareness and money for the charity MNDA.

With life a little more ‘normal’ now (whatever that means) I’ve started doing some creative writing in my spare time and have every intention of posting more thoughts and stories up here.


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